Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Press Color

Press Color is an interesting slice of rock music history.  It also is a very good, and excitingly different, album.

In 1976 Lizzy Mercier Descloux and her then boyfriend Michel Esteban left France for the big time scene in New York City.  Working in punk rock journalism circles, as well as performance art and poetry, they made a lot of contacts, and ultimately broke up as couple while retaining an artistic relationship.  Lizzy formed the band Rosa Yemen with Michel's brother Didier and began to perform and record.  In 1979 Lizzy, Didier and two others recorded Press Color in ten days.  While a group effort, it was decided to release the album under Lizzy's name.  Her drive, and her adventurous and unconventional artistic expression made her the the natural frontwoman.  Her work was intensely visceral and rhythmic.  Words were chosen for their sounds rather than for the meaning or grammatical sense.  The arrangements often had a jazz feel, featuring Lizzy's self-taught minimalist guitar lines and danceable Afrobeat grooves.  The naive approach arguably pushes this music towards the punk rock category, but Lizzy's indomitable spirit and vivacity pull it back to no wave and experimental pop.  Listening to it for the first time is like opening a window to let fresh air into the room.

Of course, you would expect that an album like Press Color could only be found in rare used vinyl bins.  And until now, you would be correct.  But Light In The Attic Records has released an extended version of the album.  The release includes Press Color and other songs recorded by Descloux (including one with Patti Smith).  It is available as a CD or two-LP vinyl plus mp3s.

Light In The Attic Records
Light In The Attic page for release

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