Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Oh Me Oh My" by Big Strong Brute

Paul Donoughue is a Big Strong Brute, or so he calls himself while being musical.  He released the five song Good Work EP in July.  It has received some good press and in my view has earned every kind word directed its way.  The record's epic break-up song, "Oh Me Oh My", is being released as a single, and we are using that event as an excuse to feature Big Strong Brute tonight.  The song begins simply but builds in intensity and drama over its five-and-a-half minute running time.

I also highly recommend you spend some time with the EP.  Paul is an deft songwriter, especially for such a big strong brute, so you are in for a treat.  You can stream the entire record at the Bandcamp and Soundcloud links below.  I've included the clever "Wedding Pages" and charming "The Roleplay" from Good Work below, but I assure you that I was torn about which songs to choose, as the opening "Wait" or "Heavy Mountain" could have carried the load as well.

Bandcamp for EP

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