Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skellums - Clarion Call EP

Liverpool's Skellums have decided that the world needs a four-song EP of  fuzzy pop songs played with exuberance and full of wry observations about life.  Was that a good idea?  I certainly think it was.  Like life, the resulting Clarion Call has a few ragged edges, but the pop sensibilities are real, the observations sincere, and the overall effect is quite charming.  In my opinion, the reflective "The Avenue" and the upbeat "Monsters" are the best of the record.  But all four tracks are keepers.  And speaking of keeping, the digital download is available for "name your price" at the Bandcamp link.  A CD will cost a bit more.

Skellums are Roberts, Watson, Crichton, and Courtney.  The EP is released via the band's own Rent & Debt Records.  This band has a good sound, and I hope they stick around.


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