Monday, August 3, 2015

Introducing: The Legendary House Cats

I suppose if the world were entirely fair, we wouldn't need to introduce legends, but we suspect that some of you may be unfamiliar with The Legendary House Cats, so here we go.  The Legendary House Cats is the solo project of John Girgus,  A Los Angeles-based songwriter, guitarist and producer, Girgus also is a member of Aberdeen, Languis (subject of this recent post) and Non Ultra Joy.  He also has collaborated with a number of other bands, including The Luxembourg Signal, whose 2014 debut LP was well received here.

It seems to me that The Legendary House Cats work the intersection of shoegaze, post punk, atmospheric rock and electro-pop.  Guitars layer on top of a keyboard and percussion foundation, with melodic vocals riding the sonic wave.  And Girgus recently offered an excellent introduction via the two-track Kind Words single.  The title track is an soaring shoegaze song with a relentlessly driving backbeat.  The accompanying "Falling From So High" is a dynamic reworking of a Languis song that appeared on the recording linked in the previous paragraph.

If you are interested in buying the single, hit the Bandcamp link below.  You also can explore other releases from The Legendary House Cats at the Bandcamp page.


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