Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moon Types - Know The Reason 7"

Sweden produces more than its share of jangling guitar pop bands, but we are always delighted to learn of another one.  The latest to please our ears is Stockholm's Moon Types, a quartet skilled in the art of jangling indie pop and power pop, with an interesting hint of country in the arrangement.  If you are like us, it will only take a listen to the title track of their new Know The Reason 7" to become a fan.  It touches all the necessary elements for a great jangle pop song, and then puts frosting on the confection with a trumpet.  The other two tracks on the single, "Nothing's Holy" and "Do It All Over Again" will continue the welcome assault on your pleasure center, with perfect doses of dusty, melancholy, California jangle.  Pour yourself a nice summer beverage and relax under the moonlight with Sweden's Moon Types.

Moon Types are Jesper Klein, Stephen Naron, Jesper Nyren, and Josefin Klein.  Know The Reason is available now from Jigsaw Records in vinyl and digital formats.  See the Bandcamp link for details and to stream all three tracks.

Bandcamp for Know The Reason

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