Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Bad Feeling" by Skin and Bones

Skin & Bones honed their sound busking in Southern California.  The core of the group is Taylor Borsuk, who sings and plays guitar, and Peter Blackwelder, who plays the violin both in conventional and less conventional ways.  For live shows, they sometimes call upon Amir Oosman (drums) and Bruce Stone (bass) to flesh out the sound.  Their sound is bluesy, folky, and lo-fi.  A particularly good introduction is the band' new single.  Why is it a good introduction?  Two reasons: (1) Very good song and very well performed; and (2) Free download.  We have the Soundcloud stream with a download button below, as well as a video of Taylor and Peter performing "Bad Feeling" and "Fire".  You also can check out their 2013 LP Someday Soon at their website link (the digital download is 'name your price').  Personally, I have a good feeling about this "Bad Feeling".

Soundcloud for Bad Feeling

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