Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Ui Yia Uia" by NO ZU

When faced with a decision about which elements to include in their new single, "Ui Yia Uia", NO ZU considered a menu of synths, deep funk beats, semi-human chanted vocals, horns, bass from ten fathoms deep, and various other bells and whistles.  They then said "yes" to the entire menu.  The resulting track is hard to describe, but it is easy to like.  Mysterious, funky, energizing and yes, a bit weird, it is just what the doctor ordered if you thought things were all sounding a bit alike around your homestead.  If fact, that may be your doctor grooving out in the corner over there.

The single is out via Chapter Music, which also will be releasing the bands next LP, Afterlife, early in 2016.

Facebook for NO ZU
Chapter Music page for single
Bandcamp page for single

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