Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Holy Motors - Heavy Flow EP

I just learned of this release very recently, but I have moved it to the head of the publication list because (1) it is very good, and (2) with a limited run of 100 tapes (purchase includes a digital download), copies will not last very long.  The band is Glasgow's Holy Motors, and the release is the five-song Heavy Flow EP.  Proceedings commence with the urgent post punk of the title track, featuring a throbbing rhythm and dark, swirling tones.  The following "Oskar And Alma" retains the racing pace for a fusion of dream pop and new wave.  "One Dead World" changes the pace for an offering of Americana-tinged folk rock that sounds like a darker version of the first album from Seattle's Young Evils.  "Goods News" is a pacy '90s-style alt rocker.  The closing "Valley of Decision" is a heavy slice of blues rock.  This is upfront indie rock, well-conceived, played with vigor, and shaded in color spectrum from very black to medium gray, with a wink to keep you from having nightmares.

Holy Motors are Hillary Van Scoy, Tom Rennie and Joel Stone, variously members of Ubre Blanca, Seconds and Blood Of The Bull.  Heavy Flow is available now via Soft Power Records.  "One Dead World" can be streamed below, or go ahead and stream the entire EP.  If you are interested in the cassette, hit this Bandcamp link.

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