Thursday, January 30, 2014

REVIEW: Running Red Lights - There's A Bluebird in My Heart

The quality of the music on There's A Bluebird in My Heart gives no hint to the long, torturous road traveled by Running Red Lights in getting to the point where they could release an album that reflected their craft.  And I think that is a major credit to this Toronto-based band that this debut makes any discussion of the back story superfluous - the songs eloquently announce a pop band worth paying attention to.  There's no evidence to be found of "of the moment" templates such at slacker pop, urban R&B and electro pop.  This is classic pop/soft rock/folk rock that has delighted fans in every decade from the '60s onward.  But it is anything but languid, as evidenced by the energetic "Under the Wire" and the moody "Dear Liza", which prompts favorable comparisons to Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac .

There's A Bluebird in My Heart ably showcases the band's ample talents.  They have excellent male and female vocals, top class musicianship and obvious chemistry.  But equally impressive is the songwriting.  There is plenty of variety, and the band isn't afraid to showcase the charms of a song with an acoustic presentation.  But irrespective of approach, each track seems crafted as if it will be the showcase single.  Of course, each listener will have favorites, but none of the tracks can be dismissed as filler.

Try out three of my favorites below, and then stream the entire album on Bandcamp.  It will brighten your day.

Running Red Lights is Scarlett (vocals/guitar), Dave Puzak (guitar/keys), Kevin Howley (vocals/drums/guitar/sampler), and Jeff Clark (bass/vocals).  There's A Bluebird in My Heart is available now via the Bandcamp link below.  Here is a two song sampler available for download until February 14.


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