Monday, January 27, 2014

Internet "radio" show from Fire Records

I'm a big fan of Fire Records, which is celebrating its 30 years of releasing great music.  So I was happy to learn of this stream of tracks selected from Fire Records releases curated by James Nicholls and John Foster.  Whatever your taste, you are likely to find something you like, and something you need.

Tracklist: Artist/Song Title
Smudge - "Mr Coffee Man"
Lives of Angels - "Imperial Motors"
Full Ugly - "Hanging Around"
Fawn Spots - "Recorder"
Divorced - "Weirdo Boss"
Bardo Pond - "Here Comes The Warm Jets"
Iceage - "You're Nothing"
Dennis Jones - "Sometimes"
Josephine Foster - "I'm A Dreamer" 
The Wolfgang Press "Hang On Me (For Papa)"
Mission of Burma "Trem Two"
Dirty Beaches "ELLI"
Lower Plenty "Work In The Morning"
Bitch Prefect "Adelaide"
The Zombies "She's Not There"
The Moles "Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve"
Blank Realm "Reach You On The Phone"
Las Kellies (Featuring Ian Svenonious) "Two Types"
Boomgates "Laymens Terms"
Beach Fossils "Calyer"
Thee American Revolution "Blow My Mind"
Half Japanese "U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums"
The 6ths (Featuring Mary Timony) "All Dressed Up In Dreams"
Peaking Lights "Hey Sparrow"
Keel Her "Riot Girl"
Spacemen 3 "I Love You"
Unrest "Isabel"

Fire Records

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