Monday, January 27, 2014

Through the Sparks - Invisible Kids

There are a number of shining lights in the Birmingham, Alabama music scene, but one of the brightest is Through the Sparks.  The collective has been releasing and performing music since at least 2007, although I believe all the members have other projects as well.  Through the local label Skybucket Records, the band has released a retrospective.  Included are tracks from prior releases, some of them in a live recorded version.  There are so many good tracks, that choices for your consideration were hard, but I settled on a live version of "Brion Monchus" (from their Alamalibu album, named after Jody Nelson's recording studio), and a psychedelic cover of The Rolling Stone's "Ruby Tuesday".  You can stream (and buy) the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.

Are you looking for a "house" band?  That is, the default band to cue up when you come home from work and pour a beverage?  I submit Through the Sparks.

Through the Sparks are Jody Nelson, Greg Slamen, James Brangle, Shawn Avery, Grey Watson, Nikolaus Mimikakis, Thomas Mimikakis, Michael Shackelford, and The Chad Fisher Horns.

Skybucket Records


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