Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reverberation Radio 93

As I was tending bar in my youth, a crispy critter of LSD self-experimentation remarked, " I love flashbacks - they're free."  As you reflect on  this statement and listen to Reverb Radio, ponder this.  The source of the quote started talking in rhymes like Yogi Bear, took off three years from school, traveled to Nantucket to become a lumberjack. and is now a respected neurosurgeon.  The pranksters from Reverberation Radio take us along for a headlong dive into the same psychedelic pool of the mid 60's. These impeccably selected examples of a great lost album (The Misunderstood), acid charred musical ruminations (Skip Spence), nascient country rock (Dillard and Clark), pre Electric Avenue Eddie Grant (The Equals),a godfather of rap (Gil Sott-Heron) will give you  a journey into the center of the mind of one of the leading neurosurgeons in America.

1. Willie Bobo - Fried Neckbone and Some Home Fries
2. Skip Spence - Cripple Creek
3.The Misunderstood End of Time
4. Dillard & Clark - Out On The Side
5. Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane
7. Equals - The Guy Who Made Her A Star
8. Sons of Adam - You Make Me Feel Good
9. Love - The Castle
10. The Feminine Complex - I Won't Run

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