Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fakakta - Fakakta

Fakakta is a Yiddish word meaning crazy, screwed up, fucked up and the like.  It also is a musical collective of Baltimore and New York City musicians headed by Nathaniel Safren.  Safren wrote the songs and produced the album.  Other participants were Matt Longo, Jared Everett, Allison Porter, Carlos Fonseca, Andy Felix, and James Leddy.  Their self-titled, five-track EP is available for "name your price" at the Bandcamp link below.

The songs are eclectic, unusual and often defy easy categorization.  The EP begins with the gentle synth pop  of  "Take You Home", which is similar to the songs TV Girl has released in the last couple years.  "Casual Encounters" is more urban pop, while "Twitch" is ragtime.  "Fever Dream"  is a not-quite-traditional indie pop song, and the EP closes with "Christina", a piano instrumental.  Despite that description, it seems to me that it all works, particularly the first three songs (which are presented below).  Give it a try - it is a fun way to begin the new music year.



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