Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wimps - Party at the Wrong Time EP

Seattle's Wimps dish up four tracks of infectious, high-powered. punky garage pop on their new EP, Party at the Wrong Time.  With a classic three piece set up of drums, bass and guitar, and Rachael Ratner's staccato vocals, this group knows that the key to landing a punk song is to jump in with both feet, deliver as if your life depended on it, and then get out in under three minutes.  They prove themselves pros, and from the beginning of "Secret Message" through the final notes of  the title track, it is a fitting soundtrack for your party.

Party at the Wrong Time is out now via Help Yourself records.  There is a limited run of 300 7" vinyl (digital download included), and it is available as a digital download only. Click over to the Bandcamp link for ordering details and to stream the entire EP.

Wimps are David Ramm, Rachael Ratner, and Matt Nyce.

Help Yourself Records

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