Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WYMA Favorites on BreakThru Radio: Jay Arner, Mirror Travel, Joanna Gruesome

We get updates from the fine folks at BreakThru Radio when they feature WYMA-reviewed artists live in their studios. We're happy to feature these, as they are always of very good quality and usually slightly different versions of songs we've already raved about, plus they usually feature a short interview with the artists.

First example, the sweet guitar pop of Jay Arner (previous WYMA post here):

Arner's pop instincts are terrific.

Second up, here's Austin, TX shoegaze/dream pop outfit Mirror Travel:

A good occasion to fall in love with their great guitar effects all over again, and it's great to see Tiffanie Lanmon play the drums after hearing the record so often in 2013...

Finally, here's Joanna Gruesome. They made quite an impression in 2013:

Fast, loud and sweet - the guitars, the fast drumming and the vocal harmonies call to mind the best of 90's favorites like The Cure, Dinosaur Jr. and The Breeders (at least to me).

We'll continue to share these, but feel free to keep an eye on their site, too.

BTR Live Studio website

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