Thursday, July 12, 2012

Through the Sparks - Alamalibu

I love summer soups.  You know the kind -- chilled with a bit of spice and lots of different ingredients. It seems it can be a great template for an album as well.  Exhibit A, is Alamalibu (June release on Skybucket Records), the recent EP from Birmingham, Alabama's Through the Sparks.  

The band's intent to blend styles is signaled by the EP's title, a mash-up of their Alabama locale and the legendary Southern California beach community.  Then note that wonderful album art with a crustacean riding on top of muscle car.   But these guys aren't just about flashy PR.  The important thing -- the music itself -- is a welcome summer concoction of crunchy southern indie and sunny west coast power pop.  Here is lead track "Brion Monchus" --

Through the Sparks was formed in 2003, and has several LPs and previous EPs under their belt.
The band is new to me, so I can't compare previous efforts.  However, this EP promises you music born of two enduring styles, and ably delivers it.  I highly recommend Alamalibu for your summer soundtrack.

"Warring Arms" --

"Angel Fix" --

Skybucket Records

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