Monday, July 9, 2012

The Glasgow Flower Show - Documentary

No, you haven't stumbled on a horticulture blog in error, this really is about music.  In mid-February of this year Glasgow label and multi-media collective Flowers in the Dustbin held a two day event celebrating the contribution of Flower's artists to the underground indie scene in Glasgow.  Flowers filmed it all for a documentary entitled The Glasgow Flower Show, and is launching the documentary with a 15 minute taster they call "the propaganda edition".  The propaganda contains contributions from  artist, bloggers, journalists, DJs and audience members, as well as clips of artists performing at the event.  Two of those acts, Kick to Kill and Mummy Short Arms have feature on these pages in recent months (and if we'd been aware of For Able's Yorkshire when it was released last November, we would have covered that as well).

Flowers in the Dustbin motto -- "be reasonable - demand genius" -- sets a high standard for the proceedings, and we think the event hurdles the bar with room to spare.  It certainly will be of interest to fans of Scottish indie, but we expect that it will appeal more broadly to those interested in music  We've embedded the propaganda edition below for your perusal.  And we'll immodestly add that the alert viewer will note at about the six minute mark a clip from this blog's review of the Kick to Kill release.

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