Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New EP from We Are John Wean

We Are John Wean are four guys who write and play songs about girls, life, girls, love and girls.  The  band was formed in 2009, and currently is based in Glasgow.  Earlier this week they released their EP New York Doesn't Love You.  The songs feature melody and hooks, and, in the title track, a modern love story with Facebook stalking.  And here it is --

And if you just want the audio:

The band is Conor Cartwright (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jude Smith (vocals/bass guitar/piano), Stuart Anderson (lead guitar), and Simon Coakley (drums), and they are from Uddingston.  They first caught my eye, or ears, with their humorous single "Desperate Dan (She Told Me She Was Single)" in which the narrator ponders his upcoming demise at the hand of the boyfriend of the girl he recently slept with. I marked them as a band to follow, and nothing on offer in the EP has changed my opinion.

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