Wednesday, July 11, 2012

REVIEW: Deep Time - Deep Time

The self-tiled release from Austin, Texas duo Deep Time manages a difficult feat: Nine songs of undeniably minimalist pop that still manage to give the listener good weight.  It seems to me that Jenifer Moore and Adam Jones accomplish that task by paying careful attention to the structure of the songs, and then providing a more robust rhythmic element via drums and bass that one would expect in a minimalist genre.  And ultimately, that prominent, almost tribal rhythm and Moore's vocals provide a otherworldly thrust that elevates Deep Time to a very interesting and satisfying listen.  Expect the unexpected, vocalizations that go beyond lyrics, and changes in tempo, volume and atmosphere mid-song.  While Moore's prior vocal work with the Carrots was more of the girl-group variety,  her contribution here is a shadow-tinged indie styling that reveals her to be a strong and innovative vocalist.

If you are the kind of pop fan that demands that an album choose its public face from the opening note and stick with it to the end, you'll likely appreciate, but not fall in love with this album (but if you are that kind of listener, you might not be reading this blog at all).  For those that like some surprises, and don't mind been asked to think a bit while enjoying a good song, you'll like this one.

This band originally was known as Yellow Fever, but were forced to choose a new name for legal reasons.  Deep Time was recorded in Austin and released yesterday by Hardly Art.

Hardly Art

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