Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Railway Club

The Railway Club is a British chamber pop group that makes music that makes you feel good.  It is a public service, and it is very welcome.  Their debut single "Broken Strings", with B-side "Angel in the House", is available on July 9 as a digital download and a limited run of cassettes via Tiny Lights Recordings.  The band is preparing an album for a hoped-for August release.

Here is the A-side for the single:

The band is from the coastal town of South Shields, and its members are Martin Francis Trollope, David Garrick, Richard Milburn, Carmen Green, Glenn Coyne and Grant Lagan.  It appear that one or more of them have a sense of humor, because their Facebook page contains the following description: "Music played by a collection of people who wouldn't look out of place sleeping on the floor of a train station."

Here is the B-side:

Digital copies of the single will be available from Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, emusic and Amazon.

Twitter ( @railwaymusic )

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