Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing Teenage Burritos

I love the lo-fi girl group garage sound of Teenage Burritos.  We have two of their songs for you to enjoy, but first indulge me as I tell you what I know about them.  They are from San Diego, and the members are Kirsten on guitar, Rachel on drums and Emily on guitar.  As for other I mentioned that they are from San Diego?  I guess I have.  OK, then, listen, enjoy, and look for more from this band.

Actually, we do have a bit more information.  The band will be releasing a tape in a few weeks on Burger Records.  We think Burger Records has good taste, and we know that we have good taste, so that gives you two votes for Teenage Burritos.  As for whether burgers and burritos are a good combination, that's a matter of individual preference, but it may cause you to increase your supply of condiments.

Burger Records

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