Friday, July 6, 2012

Introducing: Driving Mrs. Satan

Driving Mrs. Satan is an band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a novel idea: Take heavy metal songs and present them as indie pop.  The members of the band are Claudia Sorvillo (vocals), Ernesto Nobili (guitar), and Giacomo Pedicini (double bass).  In my opinion, it is a fun concept, but more important, it is good music.  Try out their cover of Black Sabbath's "Never Say Die" --

And they haven't forgotten the importance of AC/DC to the heavy metal genre, so here is "Hells Bells":

I'll close with the band's cover of Helloween's "I Want Out". I'm especially fond of this one.

The music of Driving Mrs. Satan can be found at the band page at several of the links below, so I encourage you to explore, and to keep these metalheads in mind.

Twitter ( @DrivingMrsSatan )

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