Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New song from POST

POST is a Glasgow/Manchester we've been following enthusiastically for some time.  Just yesterday they released a proper single New Play Thing on the Blue Fur and We Can Still Picnic labels.  It is a very infectious vamping tune that will remind you of Franz Ferdinand (or, if you go back that far, Josef K).  And I have no doubt that there will be dancing feet to this track.  You can give the record a test spin with the promotional video right here.

The CD version of the single is available in stores in Glasgow, Manchester and London.  Digital copies are available in the usual digital outlets.

POST is Graham Wann, Craig Forbes, Adam Florence and Chris Elkin.  They have shows planned for Glasgow and London in the fall, and are planning to add August and September dates.  If you like these guys, and I highly recommend them, follow them through their website and Facebook pages, because the chose a name that is sure to frustrate those who try to research them via Google or other search engines.

We Can Still Picnic - Facebook

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