Thursday, July 19, 2012

REVIEW: Pale Sunday - The Fake Stories About You and Me

I make quite an effort to keep my eyes and ears open for that great indie guitar pop sound.  I'm accustomed to finding it in Scotland, England, Sweden, Finland, California, Seattle, New Zealand, Australia, and even Singapore (if you haven't listened to Obedient Wives Club, you are missing a treat).  But we get by with a little help from our friends (phrase trademarked by Rocksteady74 LLC), and in this case, the friend is Jimmy at Matinee Recordings. Thanks to Jimmy, we know about  Pale Sunday -- A Brazilian power pop/twee pop four piece whose The Fake Stories About You and Me EP continues Matinee Recordings' 2012 string of high quality releases.

"Happy (When You Lived Here)" is a lovely, jangly melody that may remind you Belle & Sebastian both in sound and in melancholic sentiments.  It also is available for free download.

The robust guitars and plaintive vocals of the second and third tracks, About Your Life and That's the Way, earn fair comparisons to Teenage Fanclub's powerpop portfolio.   The EP closes with the gentle Winter Song, on which piano and strings are added to the accompaniment.

Pale Sunday has chosen it's influences well, and executed its own interpretation of the genre in an excellent and affecting fashion.  And their shimmering pop arrangements and warm harmonies make The Fake Stories About You and Me EP a perfect record for your summer collection.

The members of Pale Sunday are Luiz Gustavo (bass/vocals), Sineval (guitar), Tiago Fuzz (guitar/synths), and AZ (drums/backing vocals).  Several of their previous releases can be streamed at their website and purchased from Matinee Records, the links for both of which are below.

Matinee Recordings page for Pale Sunday

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