Friday, July 6, 2012

Duck Migrations: The Mallard on tour in July and August

It is July, the sun finally is out in Seattle (residents, please be calm -- a couple of hours a day for a few weeks is not harmful) and one of my favorite young bands, The Mallard, is swinging through the Pacific Northwest to begin their multi-state campaign to win your hearts.  It represents a great chance to see the band (now a foursome) play the songs from their great debut, Yes On Blood (our review here) and new ones for the second album.  Their brand of surfy, echo-garage rock is just right for a night out. I've seen them live, and they are worth the effort.

Here is the final track of Yes On Blood, "You Got the Critics" --

The dates and venues are as follows:
06/16/2012 Brick and Mortar w/Burnt Ones 
07/08/2012 Doug Fir Lounge Portland OR w/wimps
07/09/2012 Funhouse Seattle WA w/wimps
07/10/2012 The Manor Caldwell ID 
07/11/2012 Zoo City Missoula MT 
07/13/2012 The Aquarium Fargo ND w/Blind Shake 
07/14/2012 Turf Club St. Paul MN w/Blind Shake 
07/15/2012 Empty Bottle Chicago w/Blind Shake + Terrible Twos
07/17/2012 Frank’s Power Plant Milwaukee w/Blind Shake 
07/18/2012 Gabe’s Oasis Iowa City IA 
07/19/2012 Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS 
07/20/2012 Hi Dive Denver CO 
07/22/2012 Bootleg Theatre Los Angeles CA w/Magic Trash
08/08/2012 Tractor Tavern Seattle WA w/Shonen Knife
08/09/2012 Dante’s Portland OR w/Shonen Knife 
08/10/2012 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco w/Shonen Knife
08/11/2012 Blank Club San Jose CA w/Shonen Knife
08/12/2012 Alex’s Bar Long Beach CA w/Shonen Knife
08/13/2012 Casbah San Diego CA w/Shonen Knife

And from the debut album, "Fog" --

The band is helmed by vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Greer McGettrick, and includes Dylan Tidyman-Jones (guitars/keys/vocals), Dylan Edrich (bass/guitar) and Miles Luttrell (drums).

They even grew up and got a video:

Oh, the T-shirt designs are pretty cool, too.

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