Monday, July 16, 2012

New song from Father Sculptor

One of our most popular discoveries this year, and a personal favorite of mine, has been the talented Glasgow group Father Sculptor.  The lads have decided to follow up their excellent spring record Ember/Blue by releasing a single every two weeks through the summer.  And here is the first -- "Rhein", available July 16.  As with the spring release, this track features a beautiful melody, multiple sonic textures and a building tension.  Quite simply, it represents topnotch songcraft, and it continues to make the case that Father Sculptor, despite their recent entrance stage right, yields to no one in the ability to create emotionally evocative pop music.  Rarely does music make you feel so good about feeling melancholic.

And as a remedial lesson for those who are late to the WYMA party (sorry, you missed all the free beer), here are the aforementioned "Ember" and "Blue".

This band is building an impressive body of work, and if you are going to let anyone play your heartstrings with their guitar pics, these are the guys you'll choose.  Check back every fortnight; we intend to be along for the ride.


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