Thursday, July 26, 2012

New (and free) song from The Louche

This Manchester band has appeared on these pages in the past (here and here), but not as The Louche.  You see, when we wrote about them in 2011 they were Louche FC.  Before then, the were known as The Bicycle Thieves (please note the difference between 'known as the bicycle thieves' and 'known as bicycle thieves', as we do not want to be accused of libel).  One hopes that the current name sticks, because it would be a shame to build up a fan base and then confuse them.  And they are in danger of building a fan base, because their string of excellent past songs has been well supplemented by current offering: "Salt".  Here is the video:

Dense, guitar-driven and melodic--just what we like.  And if you like it too, here is a download:

The Louche is comprised of Kyoko Swan, Luke Byron Scott, Adam Dawson and Dave White.  Their label is Sways Records.  I would say that I've been waiting patiently for an album, but that would be half untrue.  We are waiting...

One of the older tunes, "Romantic" --

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