Friday, October 12, 2018

Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets - Ego Death

We remain head over heels in love with Lightning Ears, the Wireheads album released by Brisbane's Tenth Court a year ago (our review here).  So we were happy to listen to an new Tenth Court release by another Adelaide band, Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets.  We cued up the music for Ego Death and, to our delight, noticed a lot of similarities with Wireheads.  A bit of research before we lost or senses to happy hour revealed a strong DNA connection between RW&TSS and Wireheads.  Specifically, both projects feature Dom Trimboli, Liam Kenny and Alex Gordon-Smith of Wireheads, as well as Elena Nees and Dana Ashford.  Legend has it that the band was formed at a drunken brunch, giving Wireheads and Dom & the Wizards and baby sister to play with.  I don't know if the legend is true, but the smashing opening track is titled "Mimosas", so we wouldn't dismiss it.  The music features stellar and varied guitars, the most delectable dirty grooves you could ask for and a rhythmic talk sing vocals.  It all makes you want to get up and start walking, very possible to your favorite purveyor of mimosas.

The weekend is here, and it brings Ego Death and mimosas!  We are very happy.

Bandcamp for EP
Facebook for Wireheads
Tenth Court Bandcamp
Tenth Court website

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