Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"Hold On Kid"/"Pissing Blood" by Shogun And The Sheets

Yes, life has disappointments, and one of ours is the demise of Sydney's Royal Headache, a band whose brand of garage and soul never failed to pull us in.  However, there is no need to dwell on what can't be fixed, because today brings us the debut single from Shogun And The Sheets, the new project from Royal Headache's frontman.  Consisting of two songs, the rocking "Hold On Kid" and the slow-burning garage soul "Pissing Blood", it provides the Shogun fix we have been aching for.

Shogun And The Sheets are Shogun (vocals), Gabby (keys), Seb (guitar), Abe (bass), and Derro (drums).  The debut single is released in vinyl and digital formats via What's Your Rupture -- see the Bandcamp link below or your favorite digital outlet.

Bandcamp for single
What's Your Rupture

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