Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kaveh Kanes - Loanwords

Even understanding that most of you have not reviewed the Articles of Incorporation for this blog, regular readers will not be surprised to know that one of our stated purposes is to celebrate jangle pop.  Quite simply, it is one of our things, and we are willing to go far and wide to find it.  So here we are with Loanwords, the new album from Indonesia's Kaveh Kanes.  This is the band's second album, but happily brings no stylistic changes to their seemingly effortless guitar pop.  The atmosphere is dreamy, and the melodies shimmer and soar while the guitars jangle and chime.  These songs fit well in the sunshine on the beach, or a late night drive with the windows open and the stars shining.  If you are facing a tough week at work, this album could be your medicine.  And even if your week will be easy, don't you deserve a treat?

Kaveh Kanes are Asad, Mumu, Zaim, and Hafid.  Loanwords is out now in digital and CD formats via Jigsaw Records.

Bandcamp for Loanwords
Jigsaw Records

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