Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No Monster Club 2017 encyclopedia project

We write about No Monster Club with some regularity here.  Why?  Because they entertain us with well crafted indie pop that enters from the wacky side of the stage.  The brainchild of Bobby Aherne, the Dublin-based band is in the midst of an interesting year-long project.  Every month they are releasing a single that was written and recorded in its entirety in the previous month.  The aim is to have an encyclopedia-like collection of singles by the end of 2017.  The August and July offerings are below.  Previous months can be found at No Monster Club's Bandcamp site.

Aherne is a prolific and versatile songwriter, and that alone should draw listeners to his recordings.  But the emphasis on having fun is the cherry on the Sunday.  The dude may be sad from time to time -- we all are -- but he never makes music to make us sad.  How does he do it?  A good attitude, of course.  And cheesy instruments and tropical-tinged arrangements don't hurt in the least.

Despite the world's problems, here is your chance to be happy.  Don't blow it like you did with your in-laws last Christmas.

Bobby Aherne's homepage

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