Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cinema Red and Blue - Come Back To The City, Babyface / The Captain's Song

Completely out of the blue, here are two delightful songs from Cinema Red And Blue.  And who is that, you ask.  Well -- and thanks for asking -- it is some collection of conspirators from Comet Gain, Crystal Stilts and Pale Lights (at least according to legend and supposition) recording songs crafted by David Feck of Comet Cain and recorded with Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms (which may not be a farm and may not look as grand as the name, but it has birthed some really good music).   Phil Sutter, Kyle Forester, Andy Adler, JB Townsend, and Christian Townsend may all have been involved as well

The songs are the soaring, slightly retro guitar pop "Come Back To The City, Babyface" and the moodier "The Captain's Song".  These are slices of pop joy with a big heart.  I don't know when they were recorded, but they see the light of day now by reason of the sad demise of beloved indie pop label Fortuna POP!  While the label is closing its doors, it refuses to do so without delivering the promised goods to the subscribers to its singles club.  And this record certainly qualifies as "the goods".


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