Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mermaidens - Perfect Body

Mermaids of legend are an aquatic creature that is half human and half fish, and foretell and provoke disaster, cause shipwrecks, and formulate storms.  The Mermaidens of Wellington, New Zealand appear to be fully human, but their ability to conjure unease and threats of undefined future calamity, as well as the light that puts the darkness in sharp perspective, should not be underestimated.  Formed in 2013 by Lilly West, Gussie Larkin and Abe Hollingsworth, their productive first four years have led to this week's Perfect Body, an eight track statement of post punk and gothic pop that delivers substance with the entertainment.  Reverbed guitars, cavernous bass and dynamic drumming combine with evocative songwriting to provide a multifaceted gem. Brutality, abrasiveness intertwine with melodic, sparkling performances and dreamy soundscapes.  Density contrasts with space, joy with pain.

If you want the perfect music for a sunny day at the beach, this isn't it.  But the beach is overrated.  This music is wonderfully entertaining and fulfilling, and heralds a new stage of growth for a talented trio.

Perfect Body is out now via Flying Nun Records.

Bandcamp for Perfect Body
Flying Nun Records

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