Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Seafang - Solid Gold EP

If you call yourselves something like "Seafang", you probably aren't allowed to play folk, twee pop, or chamber pop.  St. Petersburg, Florida's Seafang understands this, and they aren't going to tempt the music gods by breaking rules.  So on Solid Gold, their five-track EP for Emotional Response Records the quintet offers shoegaze and fuzz pop anthems, with dense, busy guitars and soaring melodies and vocals.  Think of the aggressive fuzz of Glasgow's Shop Assistants and the soaring anthems of Veronica Falls coupled with more shoegaze density and more vocalists, and you'll get the picture.  But why consider it via pictures?  Listen below and at the Bandcamp link.

Seafang are Heidi (vocals), Susan (guitar), Stacey (guitar/vocals), Gary (bass/vocals), and Paul (drums).  Solid Gold is out now.

Bandcamp for Solid Gold
Emotional Response Records page for vinyl and CD

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