Sunday, August 20, 2017

Introducing: Adwaith

Among the things that get us excited is finding promising artists trying to break through.  Today's feature focuses on Adwaith, three women from Carmarthen, Wales.  It seems impossible to not love the band after listening to the classic indie pop of "Femme".  And why would you even try?  One listen, and you want the song.  A second listen, and you need that song.  Don't blame me -- life works that way.  "Femme" comes out this week on a single paired with "Lipstick Coch", which is a touch of new wave over a slinky rhythm.

Adwaith are Hollie Singer, Gwenllian Anthony, and Heledd Owen.  The single is set for release on the 25th via Libertino Records.

Libertino Records

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