Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hulaboy + Safe Distance - Split LP

When I walked into the office today two interns were fighting for control over the WYMA music delivery system.  One argued that they wanted to hear Hulaboy, the long-running musical partnership of Boyracer #1 Stewart Anderson and Eric M. Stoess of Hula Hoop.  The other intern was arguing for Safe Distance, which consists of Simon Williams of Crayola Summer, Great Leap Forward and others, and the aforementioned Stewart Anderson.  With the wisdom of Solomon, and control of the WYMA catalog, I stepped into the dispute and settled it without blows (and good thing I did, because she would have taken him apart).  What is my secret?  The knowledge that Emotional Response Records recently released the Hulaboy + Safe Distance Split LP.  Album cued up, peace restored, music joy delivered in surround sound.

I'll add that both interns are correct. The bands are worth listening to, and what better way than to have them in a single album?  Check it out below, and hit the Bandcamp link for more.

Bandcamp for Split LP

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