Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Pony Lonely" / "Somewhere Only We Know" by Avaleya And The Glitter Hawks

This single hits the bullseye in the middle of a holiday weekend.  Featuring clear, warm female vocals, endearing retro melodies and simple but rock solid arrangements, it goes down perfectly with the sun and my second glass of craft ale.  The delivery system of this joy is Avaleya And The Glitter Hawks, which is the name assumed by the Sacramento-Hood River project of industry veterans Avaley Kelly, Jim Rivas and Andrew Newbold, and the record is the recently released single "Pony Lonely" / "Somewhere Only We Know".  The lead track is the band's own jangling and chugging pop gem.  The B-side is a lively cover of Keane's hit.

The single sits between Glitter Feather, an EP the band released earlier this year (Bandcamp link), and an LP to be released later this year.  It is available as a digital download from the Darla Records and Bandcamp links below.

Twitter for Avaleya Kelly
Bandcamp for Pony Lonely
Darla Records page for single

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