Thursday, May 12, 2016

Orchestra of Spheres - Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon

Chances are that Orchestra Of Spheres didn't play at your Senior Prom.  But your prom would have been considerably more memorable if they had.  From Wellington, New Zealand, the core lineup is Baba Rossa (vocals/biscuit tin Guitar), Mos Locos (synth/vocals), EtonalE (bass carillon/vocals, and Woild Boin (drums).  A guy named Tooth contributes as well.  Their latest album is Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon, which may sound offbeat until you consider that their previous LP was titled Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music.  Their list of professed influences won't tell you much, other than confirm that this gang is imaginative and coming from a different plane of consciousness than your accountant or attorney.  But this isn't music that demands that you sit and think.  This is dance music with creative use of instruments, non-instruments used as instruments, and rhythms.  It is primal, otherworldly and totally funky.

Test drive Orchestra Of Spheres via the sampler below.  And then think how utterly awesome it would be to toss a few tracks of this on the playlist for your next party.  Your hosting skills will be the subject of legends around the campfires for future generations.  You'll also have a damn fine party.

Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon is out now via Fire Records.

Fire Records page for release

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