Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Local Hero" and "Career Crisis" by Glaciers

Melbourne's Glaciers have been tantalizing us for several years with the occasional demo or single.  If it has meant to tease us, it has worked as planned, as our interest is keen.  We finally have the good news that June will bring Living Right, the four-piece's first LP.  The band will be addressing the challenges of growing into adulthood, swathed in the dreamy jangle and well-crafted melodies we expect.  Two songs from the album -- "Local Hero" and "Career Crisis" -- will give you a taste of the ace tunes that Glaciers can craft.

Glaciers are Nalin Dayawansa (vocals/guitar), Simon Crouch (vocals/guitar), Ryand DeCoite (bass), and Tom Coish (Drums).  Living Right will be released on vinyl and digital by Strong Dogs Records.  A cassette version will be available via Easy Summer.

Bandcamp for Local Hero
Bandcamp for Career Crisis

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