Monday, May 23, 2016

"Orlando" "and "No More Parties In The Attic" by Exploded View

Exploded View is a multinational band working with Krautrock, dub, electronic modes of musical expression.  Fronted by UK-born and Berlin-based former political journalist Annika Henderson (vocals/synth), the band includes Martin Thulin (drums/guitar) from Sweden, and Hugo Quezada (bass/synth) and Hector Melgarejo (synth/guitar) from Mexico.  All of the members have participated in other well-regarded projects, and we expect exciting sounds from this collaboration.  Two tracks, "Orlando" and the previously released "No More Parties In The Attic" are out now.  The band's self-titled album will be out in August via Sacred Bones.

Bandcamp for LP
Sacred Bones Records

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