Friday, May 13, 2016

Kaspar Hauser - Kaspar Hauser EP

Do you recall the images of a conflicted protagonist with a good angel whispering in one ear to counsel good, and the devil sneering vice in the other ear?  Well, if you think of Cocteau Twins as the good angel, Glasgow's Kaspar Hauser is the musical embodiment of the devil in the other ear.  Their four-song, self-titled EP is shoegaze for people wearing black boots with traces of mud and blood, dreampop for people whose dreams are nightmares.  The percussion is like thunder, the guitars big and abrasive, the vibe is ominous.  It is black hearted and threatening.

It also is very, very good.  It take elements of The Cure and The Fall, turns up the noise and aggression, and comes out with something that is very cathartic.  This EP is a limited edition cassette, with a digital download code included, so you'll need to act fast if you are interested.  The Bandcamp link to order from Soft Power Records is below.

Kaspar Hauser are Josh Longton (guitar/vocals), Anne Kastner (bass/vocals), and Andy Brown (drums).  The name comes from a German boy of the 1700s who claimed to have been imprisoned in total isolation growing up.

Bandcamp for EP
Soft Power Records

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