Thursday, May 5, 2016

Astronauts - End Codes

End Codes, the new solo LP from London's Dan Carney, performing under the name Astronauts, delivers 48 minutes of aural bliss.  And I put that up front because if you get no further in this post, you need to know that fact.  Blending acoustic and electronic elements into delightfully detailed layers of melody and urgent rhythm, it is folky indie pop with a frequently dark core.  It consistently delights the ears while tickling the listener's brain.

If you want choral anthems going for the rafters, or three minute pop songs with multiple hooks, this isn't your album.  But if you are interested in immersing your head is well constructed music that develops at a less rigid pace, your patience will be more than rewarded.

End Codes is available this week via Lo Recordings.

Lo Recordings page for End Codes

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