Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Death and Vanilla reissues

About a year ago Swedish electro-pop band Death and Vanilla reminded us how very good they are with To Where The Wild Things Are (our feature here).  The talented Maleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson craft sonic wonders with elements of psychedelic pop, baroque pop and minimalist experimentation.  Their work has been compared to Broadcast and Sterolab, but really is too broad in scope for such references to be more than starting points.  The duo loves vintage instruments and horror film music, both of which inform their recording, adding depth and tension to the sweet and bright elements common to electro-pop.

Before To Where The Wild Things Are Death and Vanilla had released a self-titled EP, a self-titled LP, and a two-song single titled "From Above".  Those early works are as excellent as they are hard to find, so listeners who only became fans last year have been unable to get their full dose of D&V.  However Fire Records is in the business of providing happy endings, and has now released all three of those earlier records.  Feast your ears on the sampler of cuts from the reissues below, and then stock your musical cupboard with Death and Vanilla.

Fire Records page for Death and Vanilla releases
Death and Vanilla's Bandcamp page

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