Friday, May 20, 2016

"But I'm Scared" by The Echo Session

One lesson that is reinforced with some regularity as we age is that good things can't be rushed.  Doing something worthwhile the right way is more important that rushing it out the door.  This is an important perspective in considering the upcoming single "But I'm Scared" by The Echo Session.  The band was signed by Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin in the last decade.  A subsequent recording session produced the 2009 single "Tell Me", as well as "But I'm Scared".  Although "Tell Me" was released and drew deserved praise for the quality of the music and its message of greed while the world reeled from economic melt down, "But I'm Scared" rested in unreleased limbo for seven years.

Now, in a labor of love, Glasgow's Flowers In The Dustbin has dusted off a live-recorded version of "But I'm Scared" and is offering it as a single in August.  While "Tell Me" understandably drew comparisons to the Kinks, "But I'm Scared" adds a '60s California folk rock sheen to the Kinks vibe.  It is one of my favorite songs of the year so far, and I very much wish the band would write some new music.  "But I'm Scared" can be pre-ordered now.

I've also provided a stream of "Tell Me" for your listening pleasure.

The Echo Session are Tam Maher (vocals/guitar), Alistair Morrow (guitar/vocals), Stuart Morran (bass/vocals), and Ryan Rimkus (drums/vocals).

Facebook forThe Echo Session
Flowers In The Dustbin page for The Echo Session

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