Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pikelet - Tronc

What is a Pikelet?  It is synth-based art pop with an experimental scope and a romantic heart.  For new album Tronc, all parts are played and voiced by founder Evelyn Morris, who seems equally bent on entertaining and challenging the listener with her brand of weirdo pop.  But unlike some experimental pop music, it is undeniably engaging.  It may come from left field, but it welcomes you into the fantastical world rather than creating a wall.  One of the reasons I think it works so well is that Morris is a masterful songwriter and disciplined performer.  For all of the bells, beats and tones, the compositions are focused and efficient.  And for our money, after spending nearly forty minutes letting Pikelet paint with bright colors inside our heads, the only thing we want to do is press "repeat".

Tronc is out now in cassette and digital formats via Chapter Music.  You can stream Tronc in its entirely at the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for Tronc
Chapter Music page for Tronc
Chapter Music

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