Monday, May 9, 2016

Free Time - In Search Of Free Time

That the album art for In Search of Free Time, the sophomore LP from Dion Nania's Australian/American project Free Time boasts vivid colors is completely appropriate.  While this album maintains the relaxed feel and jangling instrumentation of its predecessor, it also reveals a broader scope and brighter tone.  The band, which also includes Joe Alexander from Terrible Truths, Zachary Schneider of Totally Mild, and Martin Frawley of Twerps is tight, confident and perfectly focused as they reel off the pop gems such as "All Four Seasons" and "Who Owns The Moon", the harder rocking opener "Among The Reeds", the vamping "Genius of the Revolution", and the sprawling "5th Floor".  Through it all the stars remains Nania's charming delivery and deft songwriting.  We know that creating great pop songs is hard work, but it is easy to forget that when the results are this good.

We urge you to make time to check out Free Time.  It will be time well-spent.  In Search of Free Time is out now via Bedroom Suck in Australia and New Zealand and Underwater Peoples in North America.

Bedroom Suck Records
Underwater Peoples

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