Thursday, May 19, 2016

"A Festival In 1995" and "Stolen Police Car" by Colourful Band

The Colourful Band is one of our favorite bands from Scotland.  The band is Ian McKelvie and various supporting musicians.  We featured their 2015 album Sometimes It Rains about a year ago (link), and their excellent self-titled LP back in 2012 (here).  While busy with careers, surfing and other distractions of life, Ian manages to find time to pen new songs.  We have two for you today, "A Festival In 1995" and its B-side, "Stolen Police Car".  The lead track is a nostalgic look back at, well, a festival in 1995.  The B-side is a slice of garage surf that sounds like what you'd get if The Jesus and Mary Chain were the tough guy cousins of the Beach Boys.  If it makes you want to go out and steal a police car, the band wants you to know that they disclaim any liability whatsoever.  And that disclaimer will stick.  Trust me, I'm a lawyer.

You will note the little download arrows on the Soundcloud widgets.  You also can find the songs on iTunes.


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