Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Ariana" by Mercury Girls

Some new bands need a few singles and EPs to find their sound and become the next indie "it".  And then there are bands like Mercury Girls.  The Philadelphia five-piece was only formed last year, but already is locked and loaded, radio and pop-fest friendly, SXSW-tested, and ready to show off to your best friends.  Their sound recalls C86 and Sarah Records, but digging down a bit I'd describe it as Veronica Falls and Popguns with a dose of Shop Assistant's Glasgow grit.  And if I name check three of my favorite bands of ye olden days in describing a newcomer, you can bet that I'm very high on that newcomer.

Slumberland Records, a label with well-demonstrated good taste in new indie bands, has signed Mercury Girls for their official record debut, the two-song Ariana.  The title track is a racing, rushing noise pop triumph with simmering verses, thumping rhythms and swelling choruses.  It is the kind of song that makes you instantly love a band.  The B-side, "All That Heaven Allows", could make a strong case for a double A-side designation for this record, if not for the strength of the leading track.  For its part, "All That Heaven Allows" burnishes the band's post punk chops and demonstrates that their arsenal is far more that perfectly sweetened noise pop.

Ariana is out on Friday, May 20 in vinyl and digital formats, and is available to pre-order now.  Mercury Girls will be playing Popfest in New York, and touring in the Eastern US.

Mercury Girls are Sarah Schimineck, Kevin Attics, Andrew Hagiwara, Chris Schackerman, and Kevin O'Halloran.

Bandcamp for Ariana
Slumberland Records

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