Friday, August 12, 2011

REVIEW: Strong Killings - Strong Killings

This is a Seattle-based punk power trio, and they have released a very well-done punk album... I don't hear any deficiencies at all: killer drumming, rumbling bass, great guitars throughout, and the vocals are, well, strong. As well, if you're tired of tinny-sounding, underdone punk records, you'll appreciate the production work that obviously went into this record. The lead track, "Annals of Animals," marries some amazing drumming with Jello Biafra-style vocals and adds in a scorching lead guitar over the last minute or so. Here's the video for "Annals of Animals". I was hooked from the beginning of this song:

Song two, "Licked, Nicked" is, oh, I don't know, Rancid meets Dick Dale? And "Winnebago" continues the punk backbeat/surf guitar combination to great effect. Next is "New Mexican Frontier" which made me smile and remember boon and Watt in their heydays, but again with a surf undertone for a little twist. There are a couple of instrumentals on here, and all the songs share one characteristic: they don't stay too long. "Winnebago" at 3:38 and "Worst Case" at 3:45 are the only songs much over 3:00, but you hardly notice. Here's the video for "Too Cool," at 3:04 the third longest song on the disc... there's a little NSFW language:

People tend to think punk is "easy" or that these musicians don't work that hard, but this record is evidence that, to do it right, nothing could be farther from the truth. If you like punk rock, and want to encourage the good stuff, get this record. And tell your friends.

Check out a few songs at Soundcloud:

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