Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 22: Blue Sky Archives; Suspire; Twisted Melons; Cancel The Astronauts (teaser)

Blue Sky Archives are an unsigned Glasgow band that plays a melodic strain of post rock. The groups consists of Gavin MacDonald, Lauren Mayberry, Paul Mark McGrath, Matt Phelan, and Ross Rankin. We have their most recent EP and an older EP below for your enjoyment.

Plural EP

Blue Sky Archives EP


Suspire is Glasgow a three-piece consisting of Paul Duffin (lead vocals, guitars), Mark Duffin (bass guitar, vocals), and Clare Kelly (drums, percussion). They record for their own label, which is named Clay Davis Records.

"Salvation Sister/Set in Stone" was released in May 2011.

"Aggressive Expansion" from 2010

Page at Reverbnation

Glasgow's The Twisted Melons boast a big sound, with the riffs you'd expect to find in an arena. But the the three Johnson brothers (Mark, Paul and Stephen) also are good songwriters and musicians, and are thoughtfully different enough to put their own stamp on the process. The latter point is underscored by their new single, "Language is God":

Soundcloud (four songs)

We've featured Cancel the Astronauts before, but I'm posting this little teaser video to let everyone know what indie pop goodies they can expect from the lads when their album is released later this year.

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